Amedex AMC Clinical Exam CRASH COURSE - PART 1 (OFFLINE)

AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Crash Course is the AMEDEX’s ultimate and unique program helping you to pass your exam SUPER CONFIDENT.  

In most cases what makes you fail the exam is not lack of medical knowledge. it is the fact that you probably don't know what parts SOCRATES, BINDS, 5Ps, SADMA, etc. to skip, what to just touch, and what to linger on during your limited flying time under stress.

to pass each case, you have to say the words and ask the questions your examiner on the other side is waiting to hear from you before he puts a checkmark next to it.

we show you how to maximize the number of your checkmarks for each case.

in this 10-hour course, our well-known Dr. Lily Madad, whose pass rates of 85%+ in the first sit have NEVER been beaten so far, goes through 100 cases from previous exam topics in 2021 grouped in a very specialized manner, and break them to pieces for you to give you a list of what you need to cover for all the discussed scenarios.

This offline course is PART 1 of the 2-part online CRASH COURSE held in October that combined with PART 2, covers all the exam scenarios of 2021. The same scenarios that are EXTREMELY LIKELY to be YOUR exam questions in 2022 especially in the first half of it.


  • Course content: 10 hours of video recodings – recorded online sessions of Amedex Crash Course PART 1 (October 2021)
  • Access: 60 days starting from the time of purchase; you cannot pause or suspend your enrollment
  • Extendable? Yes – you can extend for up to 30 days at a price of 10 AUD/day
  • Written material: Course notes in PDF format


The recording of session 2 is included in session 1 and recording of session 4 is included in session 3.


Number of sessions: 4 (including reserved times)
Total duration of the module: 10 hours (including reserved times)

Session Duration
Session 1 2 hours
Session 2 3 hours
Session 3 2 hours
Session 4 3 hours